Terms And Conditions

These conditions are standard terms which apply to the provision of dog walking services by Clifford Dammery. (The “trader.”)

These terms and conditions apply where the customer is defined as a “consumer” under the Consumer Rights Act, 2015.

“Agreed times” means the times in which you and I agree that I may have access to your property for the purpose of picking up and dropping off your dog or dogs.

“Agreement” means the contract into which you and I will enter if you accept my quotation for the services you have requested.

I am the sole dog walker and take full and sole responsibility for providing the services you have requested.

If you need to cancel a requested dog walk, please let me know the evening before by 8pm, otherwise you may be liable for full payment.


  • Payment for occasional dog walks is due on the day that the service is provided, either in advance or when I bring your dog home.
  • Payment for more regular services is due within a week of the date of the first walk.
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